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Are you a jazz and avant-garde music aficionado? Have you enjoyed the music of Bram Stadhouders? You have come to the right place! From "behind the scenes" jams to live bootlegs and "from home" explorations, this newsletter will give you access to more than 250 unreleased jazz, electronic, and avant-garde tracks.

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Every Sunday, you will receive one unreleased track that I created in the past. All these tracks are authentic and personal pieces of art, showing musical directions that eventually I didn’t take, but they keep expressing me as a creator. 

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From my early steps in the music industry in 2000 until the current years, you will get exclusive insight into my artistic world, following my evolution as a musician.

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I have been in the music industry for years now, having worked with famous music figures, released more than 15 albums, and performed in over 50 countries around the world.