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This is a unique newsletter, where I’m going to dig into my archives to find the hidden gems, the unreleased and exclusive stuff of my musical career. 

I am a musician that likes to experiment, and in the early years I did it just for myself. Somehow these tracks are the most authentic and personal for me, since nobody knew yet what I was doing. I personally am happy with these results, but they’ve never made it to public release. This newsletter allows these tracks to find its way to you. If you enjoy my released music, I'm sure you'll enjoy these unreleased tracks as well!

You will get an extensive insight into my development, from the most early experiments starting in 2000 (!) when I was just 13 years old, until the present moment. You will have exclusive access to this material, it’s not possible to get this anywhere else except through this newsletter. 

Every 10 days you will receive 1 exclusive, unreleased track. Including:

  • Bootleg recordings
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  • Compositions made for my music studies
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  • Full albums that I’ve always kept private
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