His composition with the barrel organ did not only look fascinating, but also sounded beautiful. It really was a concert, and for that reason it attracted a large number of visitors every time he performed.” - Michelle Kuypers

— North Sea Jazz Festival

The guitarist claims a unique place in the music world for himself with this project” - Jan Jasper Tamboer

— Parool

The result is breathtakingly beautiful. Very unique how classical vocals and impro-jazz come together here. **** 4 stars, 23-09-2015. About Henosis.” - Gijsbert Kamer

— Volkskrant

Bram Stadhouders

Composer | improviser | guitarist

Guitarist Bram Stadhouders is one of Netherlands' most forward-looking experimental musicians. He is always looking for new exciting combinations between genres, disciplines and techniques, forming a deeply personal approach in emotional expression. He has worked with some of the most sought-after musicians in the international improvisation-scene. He combines ambient with jazz and classical music, creating sometimes purely acoustic and sometimes highly technical projects.

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