BRAM STADHOUDERS has been called the most interesting guitartalent of The Netherlands. With his many projects, he always manages to capture the attention of listeners and press, and already at the age of 21 he was elected as "Young VIP" by the Dutch jazz association in 2008. With his own projects he then toured extensively all over the Netherlands, Europe and the USA, and he became also regularly invited as a guest-musician in international projects with some of the worlds most established improvisers, like Terje Isungset from Norway (playing ice-guitar), Grzech Piotrowski from Poland. He released five CDs with his own projects, one of them as a trio with widely known Sidsel Endresen and Jim Black. In 2012 he got elected for the international program Take Five Europe, and in the same year he was the youngest composer ever to win the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival Composition Assignment which he realized together with the Netherlands Chamber Choir.

In his solo-performances, he challenges himself constantly by researching new technologies in connection with his guitarplaying, trying out different moods and emotions or attitudes of playing, to have a futuristic openness which facilitates unexpected directions and surprises. Sometimes he plays just improvisations on purely acoustic classical guitar, or sometimes it's all electronic with guitarsynthesizers. Bram's solo performances are definitely his most experimental projects, because he is there without boundaries, just introvertedly experimenting within his particular musical world. An interesting addition to his larger projects.