Bram Stadhouders
– guitar, guitarsynthesizer, laptop
Onno Govaert– drums, percussion, singing bowl, crotales

Beautiful ethereal, wild, soft, heart-rending, melodic and spacy soundscapes shine out of the duo Bram Stadhouders & Onno Govaert, with a unique combination of guitar and guitarsynthesizer, laptop, drums, and sparkling percussion.

They already have an interesting jazz-past, but now they’re using free improvisation, combining electronics and acoustical instruments to create a new and very emotional world of sound.

The two have collaborated intensively since a very early age, this is why they’re capable of communicating very intuitively, to make very interesting and always changing structures while improvising, which actually sometimes sound like compositions.

With the use of guitarsynthesizer and laptop, Bram can make big and beautiful synth-clouds, next to playing the normal guitar. Together with drums this can result in a grand spacy sound, but also silent and intimate moments.

They want to be aware of keeping a structure while improvising, so it would sound like a composition, but at the same time they feel the need to express their emotions directly and unconsciously, so the true improvisation properties are still present.

Small loops and repetitions that are made while playing keep a grip on the unity of the music, which allows other interesting things to happen in the harmonic area. You’ll never really hear a chord progression, but more natural developping movements. Melodies are neither litteraly repeated, which could be a little confusing sometimes, but when you keep close attention to the directions and the overall sound, you can be sure to have a delighting experience.