Bram Stadhouders
The Surround Guitar

This project encompasses something I’ve been wanting to do for many years. I’ve always been fascinated by spaces, and how it affects our perception of music listening. Playing with a specially built “Surround Guitar” on an 8-speaker surround setup using Ambisonics technology, takes this fascination to an entirely next level. It challenged me to really take “spatial design” as an equivalent musical element, next to the common harmony, melody, rhythm.

For this project I have taken my old Ibanez guitar and transformed it into a “Surround Guitar” with 1 output for each string. This means that each note of a playing a chord comes from a different direction. Melodies dance around you from all directions, instead of coming just from the front 2 speakers in normal setups. Besides music for only “surround guitar” I also composed electronic music for beats, synthesizers, and samples. All the sounds and rhythms are composed to be distributed in the space around you. It excites me a lot to hear that even one simple rhythmic pulsing sound becomes so much alive, when it bounces around you instead of just in front.

Ambisonics is truly a remarkable mathematical algorithm for spatial music. Soon after hearing it, I realized that it was a perfect match for the creation of my newest surround composition. One risk of coming to the live-show, is that after hearing music in such an immersive surround experience, you may get forever bored with listening in stereo afterwards!
The première performance of my composition will be on 11 November at November Music, 's Hertogenbosch.

There will be a digital album release as well on this date.

Here is a sneak preview video of a try out. Unfortunately it's not possible to show you the Surround sound, for that you have to come to the concert! Sign up for my mailinglist or on Facebook to get updates!